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Daily Devotion from Pastor Sally – March 30, 2020

| March 30, 2020

Dear Friends,

This time of year, there’s a song that starts playing in my head in anticipation of Palm Sunday.  Surprisingly it’s not one of the traditional hymns with which I was raise, although I love the old Palm Sunday hymns.  This song is much simpler.  It’s a bit of the song the disciples sang on that first Palm Sunday.  “Hosanna in the highest!” 

The word, Hosanna is actually a Hebrew word.  It means save us!  But over time is also became a shout of praise for whoever was being honored.  In this case the word was shouted to honor Jesus, the one the crowds believed would be the new king of God’s people.  Did they know they were also calling in one voice to God to save them?  I guess it’s hard to know what the crowds thought on that day.  They certainly didn’t do well by Jesus as the week progressed.

In this week as you begin to think about our Palm Sunday celebration next Sunday, I will share this link with you.  Perhaps this very simple “Hosanna” song will fill your soul with praise for the one who does, indeed, come to save us.


Pr. Sally

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