Race Relationship Resources for Christians

Background and stated purposes of the Racial Action Team for Racial Equity established by the Presbyterian Church of Elkhart:

First Presbyterian Church of Elkhart has developed a position statement (Loving All Our Neighbors) in response to the tragic killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. In addition, we have established a new task force (Christian Action Team for Racial Equity) to address this issue and provide direction to Session and our members on race issues. The Team has developed a mission statement that is based on the message delivered in Micah 6:8- Working Together for a Fair, Just and Merciful Community.

Our goals are clearly stated in Loving All Our Neighbors:

Through our thoughts and actions, we seek to “commit ourselves to personal examination in order to rid ourselves of the thoughts and patterns of behavior that contribute to racism, and we commit our church to study these issues so we might engage in actions that contribute to communal goodness and build up trust in our beloved City of Elkhart.”

The purposes of the Christian Action Team for Racial Equity are:

  • To respond to injustice in our nation and community, especially related to racial inequities and to better understand the Black Lives            Matter movement.
  • To provide education and awareness for ourselves as members of the task force and for our church and community
  • To build relationships across racial lines among churches in the community
  • To determine action steps to take in effecting change



Relationship to PCUSA General Assembly
The PCUSA has published a declaration on racism (PCUSA 224th General Assembly (2020): Responding to the Sin of Racism and a Call to Action- June 26,2020) in response to the “Black Lives Matter” movement. We agree with the General Assembly’s Declaration and the task force finds that the stated goals and purposes of the Christian Action Team for Racial Equity are based on spiritual guidance and align well with the General Assemblies Declaration on Racism.
Christian Team for Racial Equity Videos:
In these three videos, congregation members Rudy Gourdine and Jim Pyles address the inequity faced by people of color in our country and relate their own experiences as black men living in America. These videos were presented in an open Zoom meeting on February 27, 2021 to other members and friends of the church.

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