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Monday Night Bible Study is back studying: Acts: The Early Church!

The stories of the early church can be quite fascinating and yet we often know only a few of them -including the day of Pentecost and Paul’s conversation on the road to Damascus.  The book of Acts which tells the story of the early church is actually 28 chapters long and includes so many stories about the early saints of the church who told the story of Jesus, healed the sick, shared the compassion of Christ and founded churches all over the Middle East, Asia Minor and Europe.  Did you every wonder how the church at Philippi or Thessalonica, to whom Paul wrote letters, got started?  The story is in Acts.  How about the Roman church, or those guys named Timothy or Titus who have letters named after them.  Who were they?  Their stories are in Acts.  Acts is full of adventure and faith!

Join us Monday nights for the Study of Acts: The Early church at 6:00 PM on zoom!

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