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Pastor Sally Devotional 5/20

| May 20, 2021

Dear friends,


I really am quite excited about gathering for worship with you on Sunday.  I feel like I’m planning for a party.  The staff and I have been back and forth this week talking about decorations, flowers and lots of “red” in celebration of Pentecost.  Anna added an upbeat video about our kids in worship this morning.  And Jess and I have revised the bulletin format three times now in order to fit in the words to songs so we can all sing along.     I think it’s going to be a fun day and looks like we will have wonderful weather!


It is somehow right that we should begin meeting anew on Pentecost.  Pentecost is a day of new beginnings.  Pentecost is sometimes referred to as the birthday of the church.  That makes good sense to me.  On Pentecost the disciples were drawn together by God’s Spirit, and together they were sent out into God’s world.  Their mission was communicate the grace and forgiveness of God which was available to all people because of Jesus Christ.  The Spirit gave them courage to speak about God and for God.  The Spirit filled them up so they could embody God’s love wherever they went.  1000s of people heard God’s voice in the words of these disciples and experienced God’s love in their presence on that first day of Pentecost. This is a lot to celebrate!


I hope you can join us on Sunday as we remember and give thanks for the faithfulness of the disciples of old and embrace the challenge to be God’s people anew in our time and place.



Pr. Sally

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