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Pastor Sally Devotional 6/7

| June 11, 2021

Dear friends,


Well I suppose it’s time for another grandbaby picture.  Sammy is two months old today.  I can hardly wait to see him in another 2 and ½ weeks! 


I share this picture with you because Sammy is learning to smile and my son, Stephen, Sammy’s dad is learning to entice that smile from him.  I’ve include the video below of Stephen’s success.  Every time I listen to Stephen working so hard to coax a smile from his son it makes me laugh.  The delight Stephen expresses when Sammy breaks into a grin is joyous.


I can’t help but wonder if God feels such delight when we, one of his beloved children, learn something new or get something right.  We have just enjoyed the celebration of Pentecost where we give thanks for the gift of God’s Spirit in our lives.  That Spirit nudges us and coaxes us into new ways of thinking, new learnings and new holy actions to be taken on God’s behalf in the world.  I wonder if God breaks into a joyous celebrative shout when we finally do the right thing or achieve some new milestone as we continue to grow up into Christ.  I like to think there’s a heavenly whoop over our new learning!


The Lord your God is with you;

    his power gives you victory.

The Lord will take delight in you,

    and in his love he will give you new life.

He will sing and be joyful over you.  (Zephaniah 3: 17)



Pr. Sally

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