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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 1/28

| January 28, 2021

Dear friends, 

I really like this picture. (It’s another Mike pic.)  What do you think this little guy is saying?

He could be asking, “Who me?”  I think we often imagine ourselves saying that to God when God asks something of us.  “You want me to be a Sunday school teacher or an elder or to share my faith with my neighbor? Who me?”

Maybe he’s asking “Is it safe yet?”  I think that’s a question a lot of us are asking these days.  Or maybe we are asking, “When will it be safe, Lord?” or “Why is this pandemic happening to us?”

Maybe he’s asking, “How is it that you are so good to me, God?”  “How did a merit such a great tree to climb, or my wonderful family or those delicious nuts?  We ask similar things when we are feeling grateful.

I suppose it’s more likely this little squirrel is asking, “Who’s the strange guy with the camera and why does he keep taking my picture?”

Whatever this little guy is thinking or not thinking, I do hope you all are asking questions because asking questions of God is part of being in relationship with God.  It’s part of the ongoing conversation we have with God throughout our lives.  I worry about people who don’t bother to ask anything of God. I have asked questions of God from my youth.  I often get answers too or sometimes partial answers, but I often have to wait a while for the answer to become clear. I’ve learned to be patient.

Be sure to ask God about what you want to know and then be open to hear what God says to you.


Pr. Sally

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