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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 11/5

| November 5, 2020

Dear friends,

A little while ago a helicopter flew over my house.  It had a big red cross on it and was clearly headed to the hospital.  I heard an additional three ambulances this morning, and the last several days have been full of emergency vehicles rushing past my house on Lexington on the way to the hospital.  We are used to having ambulances sirens drawing our attention during the day, but the large number of them over the past few days is alarming.  I can only assume this is because of the increase in Covid 19 cases in our county.  Today, in Elkhart county the new case count is over 200 again and the state of Indiana topped 4,000 cases today – 4,462 to be exact.

As a person of faith, I wish I had the gift of healing, but that gift belongs to the first responders and the doctors and nurses at the hospital.  I am grateful to know that the emergency vehicles speeding past my house have caring, skilled individuals inside taking the sick to a hospital of gifted and compassionate health care workers.  Yesterday, as Men’s Bible study, one of our members heard the emergency vehicle and said he automatically said a quiet prayer for the first responders inside that vehicle.  He does it every time he hear the ambulance sirens. 

Here’s a simple prayer you can say the next time you see or hear an emergency vehicle:

O Lord, We remember that you did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind.  Please, grant these emergency workers your spirit of courage. Grant them a sound mind as they make decisions. We pray for all the physicians, nurses, and health care providers involved in this situation. May they be blessed with the wisdom, skill and  love needed to provide the best care possible.  In your name we pray.  Amen.


Pr. Sally

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