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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 2/13

| February 13, 2021

Dear friends,

Here’s a poem for Saturday. 

We cannot shake hands right now.  

We cannot hug or kiss cheeks.  

We cannot lean in to tell stories  

Or draw close to pray.  

We cannot pass the peace  

Or even pass the time in each  

other’s homes.  

We cannot eat together,  

Because the world is sick.  

So instead of holding each other,  

We hold distance.  

We hold masks.  

We hold statistics on the tips of our tongues.  

We hold fear,  

We hold space,  

We hold tense conversations.  

Maybe by the time you’re reading this,  

The day will have come  

For all God’s people to be gathered at Table.  

Maybe by the time you’re reading this,  

We will be eating together.  

Maybe we’ll be hugging.  

Hopefully there will be dancing  

And laughing and kissing  

And leaning in to tell stories,  

And throwing our heads back to laugh.  

But until that day,  

I will wiggle my toes  

And think of foot washing.  

I will eat sweet bread,  


And remember Communion.  

I will close my eyes,  

and picture your face.  

I will clasp my hands  

And know—  

As sure as one palm knows the  


That we are being held.  

We are being held together.  

                A Poem by Rev. Sarah Are, Written in Dec 2020



Pastor Sally

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