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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 3/31

| April 1, 2021

Dear friends,


I want to take a moment today to invite you to attend the two services we have prepared for the congregation for Maundy Thursday (tomorrow) and Good Friday (the next day.)  The late days of Holy Week (Thursday and Friday) provide a unique opportunity for us who desire to be Jesus’ followers to deepen our faith.  These are challenging days to remember, to be sure, but worthy of our attention. 


There is something moving about entering into  the story of Jesus’ life in this week.  I like to imagine myself as one of the lesser disciples, watching from the fringes.  I see myself cooking in the kitchen and hearing snippets from the other room as Jesus offers bread and wine in the first communion.  I wonder where I’d have been in the garden when they came to arrest him.  I imagine myself as a fly on the wall at the trial took place in the home of the High Priest.  I hope I would have been a “nay” voice in the crowd that called for Jesus’ crucifixion, and I still don’t know if I could have watched Jesus die.  Perhaps from a distance.  Every year I try to relive these stories with my Lord again.  I try to remember and let the emotions of the day deepen my faith.  I would urge you to do the say.


Both services are at 7:00 PM.  The Maundy Thursday service includes communion, so bring some bread and beverage to your viewing screen at you watch and worship.  I will send the links tomorrow by email and will post them to Facebook.


Blessings on your remembering

Pr. Sally 


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