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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 5/28

| May 28, 2020

Hello friends,

I thought you’d like to know I just zoomed with my middle son, Austin, whom many of you know.  Austin is working at the Westminster Church in Munster over on the Illinois line.  He’s in one of the three counties that is still under full “shelter in place” orders.  He is preparing to go to General Assembly in a couple of weeks as our representative from Wabash Valley Presbytery, only this year General Assembly is over zoom!  I can’t quite imagine how that’s going to work. 

I zoomed with Austin because Austin wanted me to remind him of the sign language for a song he learned from me as a child, “Father, I adore you.”  He remembered a lot of it, but needed some help with a few of the signs.  Austin is teaching this song to the children of the church for his online children’s lesson this week in worship.  This Sunday is Pentecost when the disciples were given gifts by the spirit that enabled them to speak in other languages.  They used those new languages to communicate the good news about Jesus to the people in Jerusalem who were from foreign lands and spoke different languages.  Austin is teaching his children a little sign language so they can praise God on Pentecost Sunday in another language.  Fun!

The story of Pentecost is full of interesting details that all come around to the great and wonderful work of God among us and the great work that God wants to do through us.  How will you honor God this week for his great gifts of love?  It is worth pondering.



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