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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 7/6

| July 6, 2020

Dear Friends,

This is a poem that was in the Celtic Daily Prayers online this morning.  This is one of those poems that, when I read it, I first started thinking about all the people who needed to see this poem.  Then part way through I realized that I need to see this poem. 


We all have moments these days when we are so frustrated with our current state of affairs we can hardly stand it.  We are angry with a variety of others and are tempted to say, “I alone am acting reasonably.”  This poem reminds us that our calling is to love, grace and forgiveness.  Read it for you today and see in the cross the love of God.


When I look at the blood
all I see is love, love, love.
When I stop at the cross
I can see the love of God.

But I can’t see competition.
I can’t see hierarchy.
I can’t see pride or prejudice
or the abuse of authority.
I can’t see lust for power.
I can’t see manipulation.
I can’t see rage or anger
or selfish ambition.

I can’t see unforgiveness.
I can’t see hate or envy.
I can’t see stupid fighting
or bitterness, or jealousy.
I can’t see empire building.
I can’t see self-importance.
I can’t see back-stabbing
or vanity or arrogance.

I see surrender, sacrifice, salvation,
humility, righteousness, faithfulness, grace, forgiveness,
love! Love … love…

When I stop! … at the cross
I can see the love of God.


Pr. Sally

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