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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 9/19

| September 21, 2020

Dear Friends,

Here is a prayer from the Iona Community, which has a center for spiritual renewal and reflection on the Isle of Iona in Scotland.  It is a Presbyterian community.  Here’s the prayer:

A shade are you in the heat O God

A shelter are you in the cold.

Eyes are you to the blind O God

A staff are you to the weak.

An island are you at sea O God

A rock are you on land.

O my soul’s healer

Keep me at evening

Keep me at morning

Keep me at noon.

I am tired, astray and stumbling

Shield me from sin.

O my soul’s healer

Shield me from sin.

May you find the Lord is close this day.  May he be for you strength, healer and shepherd.


Pr. Sally

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