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Pastor Sally’s Devotional April 5

| April 5, 2021

Dear Friends,

I just got off the phone with my son, Stephen, who lives in Los Angeles.  He was speaking very quietly because he was holding his new baby son, Sammy, who was born this past Saturday, April 3.  He was rocking him in the nursery and trying to keep him asleep so Sammy’s mom could sleep.  I asked him what would happen if he laid Sammy down to sleep in the crib, thinking my son could probably use some sleep as well, but Stephen declined.  Why would he want to put Sammy in the crib when he could hold him instead? He had probably been sitting there holding him for at least and hour and a half when he called me.  Wow, he loves his son!

As I was thinking about Stephen and his beloved son, it occurred to me that God loves Sammy more than Stephen does.  This was not a new thought for me.  I thought this many times when I had a moment of awareness of how very much I loved one of my children.  With all the love I could muster, I was aware that God loved my children more than I did. 

It is hard to imagine how great is God’s love for us.  The resurrection for me is the ultimate demonstration of God’s love.  God loved the world so much that God raised up Jesus, the son the world denied, betrayed and killed.  He raised him up and gave him back to us.  How’s that for forgiveness?  If God could forgive the world what it did to Jesus, his beloved son, can we ever doubt the merciful love of God?


Pr. Sally

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