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Pastor Sally’s Devotional G

| April 16, 2020

Dear ones, 

I keep hearing about a lot of grumpiness out there in our homes.  I hear it from members of our church, and I hear my husband describing grumpy members in the Sturgis church.  Clearly, we are all tired of our own company and tired of looking at the same walls of our homes.  I know I am!  It must be time for a little more John Rutter music.  This is one of my favorite “sooth the soul” songs.  I have attached the lyrics in case you don’t have access to the You Tube link to enjoy the music.  Here’s the link:


Pr. Sally


Open thou mine eyes and I shall see;

Incline my heart and I shall desire;

Order my steps and I shall walk

In the ways of thy commandments.

O Lord God, be thou to me a God

And beside thee let there be none else,

No other, naught else with thee.


Vouchsafe to me to worship thee and serve thee

According to thy commandments

In truth of spirit, in reverence of body,

In blessings of lips,

In private and in public.

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