Elkhart, Indiana
Check here to see if we are having in-person worship this Sunday:
If we have bad weather or the COVID threat level rises, outdoor worship will be temporarily cancelled.
We will check the weather at 12pm on Saturday and make a final decision about whether we have outdoor worship or live-stream only.
We will have live-streamed worship only on Sunday, May 9, at 10:00 AM

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Welcome to First Presbyterian Church
Become part of the virtual Body of Christ in these troubling times
Due to concerns about Covid 19 infection, we are holding worship outdoors in the east parking lot and live-streaming the event every Sunday at 10:00 AM.  Groups are currently meeting via Zoom.
We seek to follow Jesus in our daily life. We don’t think this is easy to do alone, and with the Corona Virus pandemic we joyfully welcome all to join with us. In social distancing we seek closer connections in every aspect of our ministry as our church shifts to a totally virtual environment for worship, study, fellowship, and ministry.
We join in this congregation to get support and to share new ideas. As we together seek to gain knowledge of the new and wonderful tools God has provided for us, we aim to practice Jesus’ hospitality and invite all to know Christ, grow in Christ, and share Christ’s Love.
We trust in a God who builds a beloved and diverse community. We believe God’s vision is vibrant and robust when we join together with all races, economic classes, diverse political opinions and sexual orientations. We thus delight in joining with people of Christian faith, other faiths, and even fellow travelers with no faith who want to join us.
You can view our most recent service below. We are holding Sunday services outdoors (weather and COVID numbers permitting,) and live-streaming the service for anyone who cannot attend.
Times and details will be sent out as soon as possible on our email to the congregation.
Please make sure you are on our email list:  mailto:// 
Latest Newsletter:
Know someone who doesn’t have a computer at home to watch our online services?
Now audio versions of our services are available to listen over the phone!
Dial: 1-844-964-2800
Press 1 for a recording of the live-streamed service