Connect with Friends …
Connect with God ….
Find new paths on the Journey.


A church home is a community of people who are trying to grow in faith and help each other on the journey.  Old friends, new friends and “yet to be” friends make up that community  whose purpose is to seek God and nurture faith, hope and love.

Take a look at some of the options for connecting with others at First Presbyterian.  We hope there is something just right for you!

Children’s Ministry

We will cherish your children at First Presbyterian.  We offer loving and safe opportunities for children to make new friends, discover God and try out new skills under the watchful eye of trusted adults. 

I am the church.

You are the church.

We are the church together.


Youth Ministry

We love young people in this church:  their energy, their questions, their fierce loyalties, their desire to make a difference.  At First Presbyterian we want our young people to love participating in our youth programs and finding their place to serve with the “grown ups.”

Adult Small Groups and Studies

One of the best ways to make friends in our church is to join a small group or study group.  There are several option from Bible studies to reading clubs to action teams.  Take a look: 

“Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.”
I John 4:7

For Our Neighbors

Presbyterians believe they can change the world with the love of God.  We are involved in a variety of mission efforts, partnering with other churches and our community to lend our energies for the good of others.  There are so many ways you can offer a helping hand, make new friends, and find a new way to be part of God’s work among us. 

Pieceful Quilters

Did you ever think you might like to learn to quilt?  Maybe you just have some historic quilts you like to share.  Maybe you just like to be in the company of people who do creative handicrafts.  The Pieceful Quilters could be the place for you.  Take a look at their gallery.