Spiritual Resources

Resources to Grow your Faith

 Here are some resources to help you grow in faith!


Get a new bible

Buying a new Bible can be daunting.  There are so many from which to choose!  Here are a few options endorsed by our pastor.

The Good News Bible  - Translated from original languages into a sixth grade reading level, this is probably the easiest Bible to read.  It’s great for beginners to the scriptures.  Shop here:  https://bibles.com/home/resources?search_query=The+Good+news+bible

The New International Version – Translated from original languages into a seventh grade reading level, this is a very popular Bible in the United States.  Note: This is the only translation recommended here that is not an “inclusive” translation.  That means it uses man and mankind when referring to people in general.   Still it is a very literal translation of the Greek and Hebrew texts and an easy reading level making it a useful translation. Shop here:  https://bibles.com/home/resources?search_query=NIV+

The Revised Standard Version -  This is a great study Bible for serious students of the Bible.  It is an inclusive translation and is written at a college reading level giving lots of nuance to the text.  This is Pastor Sally’s favorite Bible translation.  Look for the Oxford study edition to get lots of Bible study helps.  https://www.amazon.com/New-Oxford-Annotated-Bible-Apocrypha/dp/0195289609

What if you just want to look up a Bible passage???

Try https://www.biblegateway.com/

Devotional Guides

Be sure to get on our list for weekly devotionals by Pastor Sally.  You can access them by clicking Read Devotionals below or send an email to the church office and request to receive them in your email inbox.  office@presby.com.


Our Daily Bread is a devotional guide appreciated by many of our members.  The moto for this ministry is, Love God, Love Others.  You can get a daily devotional in your email inbox by signing up here:  https://odb.org/page/email-signup

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Learn To Pray

Prayer for Beginners and Those who have Forgotten How, by Mark Link.

Published back in 1976, this is still one of the best books for developing your prayer life.  Mark Link takes the reader through the basics for connecting to God and adds skills slowly.  Each brief description of skills is followed with a week of devotions during which you can practice and develop your prayer life.  The book is out of print but can be picked up on used book sites.


Daily Prayer


Pastor Sally recommends the Celtic Daily Prayer guide by the Northumbria Community if you would like to try doing regular daily prayer with a guide.  Celtic Daily Prayer has more prayer resources that you can probably use at once.  Sally likes the morning prayer rituals with have daily prayers, scripture readings and a brief meditation to read.  She also like the Complines which are brief prayers meant to be read just before bed.

You can either purchase the prayer book and use it at home or you can bookmark the Northumbria site and visit it when ever you want to use their daily prayers.

Race Relations Resources

First Presbyterian Church of Elkhart has developed a position statement (Loving All Our Neighbors) in response to the tragic killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

In addition, we have established a new task force (Christian Action Team for Racial Equity) to address this issue and provide direction to Session and our members on race issues.


Rudy Gourdine and Jim Pyles address the inequity faced by people of color in our country and relate their own experiences as black men living in America.

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