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| March 23, 2022

Dear friends,

I have always thought everyone should have a dog because when you arrive at home and walk in the door, it’s a wonderful thing to have a dog to greet you enthusiastically.  My children used to greet me when they were small.  I would walk in the door and three little boys would run to me, grab me around the waist or knees (depending on their size) and cry “Mama! Mama!  Such a wonderful homecoming! 

But eventually they grew up and I had to suffice with a “Hi Mom,” as they fixed hands and eyes on their favorite video game.

I did, however, always have an enthusiastic dog to greet me at the door.  Long after my children dispensed with their welcoming hugs, my faithful puppy would always rush to greet me with wags and nuzzles until a reached down a hand for a pet or an ear scratch.  First it was Cinnamon, then Mocha and now Theo, except that Theo apparently missed this part of basic dog behavior class.  As he grew, he never ran to the door and welcome me home.  Darn…

Fortunately, this missing dog behavior has now been corrected with the addition of my father’s dog, Abby, into our household.  Abby knows instinctively that one’s owners are to be greeted enthusiastically at the door.  As soon as the key turns in the lock she is on her feet and racing to the door wagging her whole small body and leaping at my knees.  Of course, she is rewarded with pats and ear rubs and this has not gone unnoticed by the delinquent Theodore who now races her to the door to muscle his way into my attention first.

Sometimes others show us the way if we’re paying attention.  I’ve watched and been inspired by other disciples for years as they work out their devotion to the Lord.  Paul wrote, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” (I Cor. 11: 1)  I wonder who you watch for inspiration as a disciple, and I wonder who is watching you?


Pr. Sally

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