Pastor Sally Devotional 10/13

Dear friends,


My husband and I sometimes feel a little stretched with the added blessing of assisting my elderly parents who have recently moved into Hubbard Hill.  Some days there are just a few too many things for the day.  Yesterday Mike sent me a prayer.  I thought I’d share it with you.


With the ebb, with the flow 

of sea and tide, 

teach me thy patience. 

Teach me that as it was, 

as it is, as it shall be  


are all an ebb and flow 

of thy grace. 

With the ebb, with the flow, 

of earth and sea, 

remind me, O Thou Triune,  

that Thy grace has no need of hurry.  

With the ebb, with the flow,  

so shall it be  



I am reminded that God’s grace is plentiful in every day and God’s time is enough for all that needs attention.



Pr. Sally

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