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Pastor Sally Devotional 2/2/22

| February 2, 2022

Dear friends,


I pulled up the blinds today in our front window.  Usually, I just open the blinds at this window.  It looks right out on the street and the front walk is only about 10 feet from the front of the house.  It feels a little like living in a fishbowl when the blinds are pulled all the way up.  Still… today I pulled up the blinds.  It was so beautiful outside with the snow coming down and the world blanketed in that wet sloppy white stuff.  Again… it was so beautiful!


I am reminded today of an old contemporary song written by Michael W. Smith called, “Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord.”  The opening lyrics are:

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord

Open the eyes of my heart

I want to see You

I want to see You

In these cold winter days, sometimes we find ourselves feeling a little closed in on ourselves.  This is the weather for staying inside with a blanket, a fire in the hearth and a mug of hot chocolate – particularly on a snowy day like today!  We do not, however, ever want to close ourselves off to God.  It is my prayer on this day that just as I have opened the blinds to see the beauty of the natural world that God will open my eyes and your eyes on this day to see the wonder of our creator who has given us such a beautiful day.



Pr. Sally

p.s.  Here’s a link in case you want to listen:


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