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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 2/2

| February 2, 2021

Dear friends,

While I was listening to NPR this morning I caught a human interest story about a father daughter podcast that airs twice a week called, “You Must Know Everything!”  The father is Jeremy Smith and his daughter is 10 year old Rasa Smith.  Jeremy says that when his daughter was born, he was so excited to teach her all the things he knew.  He found himself making a mental list of everything he wanted to communicate to his daughter as she grew.  He wanted her to know everything!  What he has discovered, however, over his 10 years of being Rasa’s parent is that he can learn things from Rasa too.  This mutual sharing amped up last spring when Rasa began doing remote learning during covid.  As part of their learning the two of them decided to do a podcast about everything each of them needed to know to get through life!


I was reminded of those early parenting moments when I discovered I was learning from my children.  As they grew I discovered my children had lots to teach me and ways to help me I had never imagined.  I’m guessing most of us have turned to our children or a young person for help with technology!  My son, Stephen, is my tech guru. When I call for assistance, he patiently walks me through solutions and if I can’t follow his instructions, he just takes over my computer from California and fixes the problem for me. 


The sharing with my sons these days, however, goes way beyond computers.  We share recipes, edit each other’s writing, help each other with music, recommend books, podcasts and YouTube videos to each other.  And we share life lessons because we are committed to making sure we each know everything we need to know to get through life!


In the Bible study lesson from Acts that I studied last night with the Monday Night group and last Wednesday morning with the Men’s study, Peter quotes from the prophet Joel who prophesies that in the last days God will pour out his Spirit on all people.  Joel then describes who “all people” are.  One of the inclusions he makes is that the Spirit will be given to both the old and young! 


When I was growing up, it was assumed that the young learned from the old, but I believe there has begun to be a healthy change in that mentality.  How wonderful when we can reach across generational lines and learn from each other.  How blessed it is in the church when we can look for the gifts of God’s Spirit in our young people and the young leaders among us and celebrate God’s outpouring of the Spirit – a gift to all generation for all God’s people!



Pr. Sally

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