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Fall Sermon Series: Words to Live By.
The Ten Commandments were actually first called, “The Ten Words” primarily because in the Hebrew these commands are literally 10 words long.  I suppose this would have made it easier for carving onto stone.
Sometimes we think of the Ten Commandments in negative terms as rules, that if broken, will lead to dire consequences.  In fact these rules were written down for a group of people who had been enslaved for generations.  They had no idea how to live with God or with each other.  These commands were intended to help them find the good life together.
Join us September 8 as we begin to explore how the commands can help us live life better!
Sept 8   
Words to Live By:
Exodus 20: 1-3
(First Commandment)
Sept 15   
Words to Live By:
Know yourself
Exodus 20: 4-6
(Second Commandment)
Sept 22   
Words to Live By:
Choose words wisely
Exodus 20: 7
(Third Commandment)
Sept 29   
Words to Live By:
Exodus 20: 8-11
(Fourth Commandment)
Oct 6   
Words to Live By:
Family Matters
Exodus 20: 12
(Fifth Commandment)
Oct 13   
Words to Live By:
Exodus 20:13
(6th – 9th Commandments)

Oct 20  Words to Live By:

Exodus 20: 14
(10th commandment)