Christian Action Team for Racial Equity

In response to recent reports of police brutality and the underlying racism in so many communities throughout the nation, most communities are seeking positive ways to respond. The Elkhart community has been drawn into the response with a vital interest, which includes, particularly, area religious organizations. First Presbyterian Church has recently adopted a statement expressing our concern “Loving All our Neighbors” renouncing behaviors that diminish dignity of human life.
A new group from our congregation has been formed under the name, “Christian Action Team for Racial Equity”. Team members Freya Burket, Bruce Carter, John Hutchings, Jim Pyles, Starr Robinson, Carla Tyson and Pastor Sally. They have begun their initial work by generating ideas on educational awareness, developing relationships across racial lines and will be considering actions we might take to ameliorate race relations in Elkhart. The mission statement for this team was adopted based on God’s message in Micah 6:8 “Working together for a fair, just and merciful community”.

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