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Daily Devotion from Pastor Sally – March 26, 2020

| March 26, 2020

Hello friends!

As you can see, I was at the church yesterday.  I was picking up some more books from my library as it looks like I may be working from home a little longer than I anticipated.

The church was very quiet with nobody there, but as you can see the light was still streaming through the beautiful chancel window and dancing on the east walls.  I stood in the chancel just above the steps and imagined you all there celebrating in great joy.  It seemed to me the sanctuary and even the whole building was just waiting for you all to come back!

I wonder if God feels that way about us sometimes.  I think about the waiting father in Jesus’ story of the prodigal son.  He waits and waits for his son to return.  We know he’s waiting because he sees his son coming from a long distance out.  And he runs to him, throws his arms around him and kisses him on both cheeks!  Smooch! Smooch!  You can’t do that during Coronavirus days!

While our church building waits for us to return, and we wait impatiently to gather together again, let’s not make our Father wait for us.  Just because we can’t go to church doesn’t mean we can’t run to our Father with thanksgivings and requests.  Pray lots!


Pr. Sally

Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you;

    I have called you by name, you are mine.

                                Isaiah 43: 1


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