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Pastor Sally Devotional 6/29

| June 30, 2021

Dear friends, 

As you can probably see by the picture, I had a wonderful time in California with my new grandson.  In spite of needing to wear a mask whenever I was near the baby Sammy, I was able to hold, care for, sing to and interact with him for the better part of 6 days – pure heaven!


I was also fascinated to watch him grow and develop in amazing ways in those short 6 six days!  When we arrived Sammy was smiling and cooing a bit, but by the time we left he was carrying on whole conversations with Mike and me and especially with his mom and dad.  I even got to hear him burst into a baby laugh on the last night we were there.  I also watched his neck strengthen so much that he could sit up straight in my lap with his head resting on my chest.  Finally I got to watch him begin to feel things with his hands.  Baby hands are all balled up in tight fists for the first several weeks of life, but the last day, I saw him feeling the hair on his dad’s arms with open hands.  It is amazing how much babies learn and so quickly!


We who are older learn a little more slowly in adulthood, but in many ways we learn in a similar fashion as babies learn.  For instance… Sammy’s language development is no accident.  His mom and dad are constantly talking to him in small bits of sounds, cooing and vocalizing single letters or vowels.  Sammy has been listening and practicing what he hears day after day.  I have always been amazed at how important repetition is for children when they are learning new things. 


It occurs to me that repetition is also important to adults as we learn.  How many times have shaken our heads in dismay as we learn something we knew at one time but had forgotten?  I think this is particularly true when it comes to the lessons of faith.  We know that God is infinitely gracious with us, but we forget frequently.  We know that God asks us to forgive others just as the Lord has forgiven us, but we forget, especially when we are angry.  We know we can trust God with our very lives, but we forget when we are afraid.  Thank God the Lord is patient with us and teaches us as a father patiently teaches his children.


Give thanks today for all the things the Lord has taught you in this day and will teach you yet again tomorrow.



Pr. Sally

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