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Pastor Sally Devotional 615

| June 15, 2021

Dear friends,

My dog, Theo, has a new favorite place.  He likes to crawl under our bed and hide there among the “under the bed” boxes.  It’s his secret place.  It’s his hiding place. I came home for lunch from the office the other day and called to Theo.  He wasn’t in his favorite chair or lying in the family room.  He wasn’t on the landing outside the door to the garage.  I began to sweat a little.  Did I leave him outside?  Did he get out of the house somehow?  No.  He was upstairs, under the bed looking very sleepy and maybe a little pleased with himself.  I took his picture.


For me, God is my secret place… my hiding place.  When I am at a loss, I find a quiet place.  Any place will do as long as I am alone.  Then I close my eyes and take some deep breaths.  I find myself in the presence of God where I am strengthened and quieted.  Sometimes there is guidance there.  Sometimes not, and I will have to wait for direction.  But there is always the calming, quiet strength of the Lord.


I hope you find some time to hide in the Lord today.


You are my hiding place;

    you will protect me from trouble

    and surround me with songs of deliverance.  (Psalm 32:7)



Pr. Sally

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