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Pastor Sally Devotional 9/21

| September 21, 2021

Dear friends,


We had so much fun on the first day of Music and More yesterday!  I know some of you are wondering how it went.  Celia and I spent the morning putting the new TV tables together so each child could have their own table top to hold their instruments and still be distanced from one another.  We fitted the tables with foam pieces to protect the instruments.  Then we loaded two kitchen carts full of shakers, sticks, drums, hand chimes, glockenspiels, xylophones and more!  (It’s a job to do a music class outside, but I’m so glad we have great spaces in which to meet!)  We had ten wonderful children, three of whom were from outside the church.  We did a half hour of music – chanting, playing rhythms with wood sticks, learning how to play hand chimes, and creating musical notes out of playdough.  Then Anna took the kids for a snack and a Bible story.  They finished up with several recreational games.  I told the kids they were welcome to bring a friend next week, and we already have a new registration this morning.  Yay!


In the middle of the club yesterday, I was particularly delighted when one of the little girls looked at me and said, “I just love church!”  She threw her arms wide and spun herself in a circle in her exuberance.  I told her I love church too, and I do!  I especially love church when our children are thrilled to be part of God’s family and in God’s house.   


I think that little girl captured for me the joy of being able to gather again for worship and classes and music clubs!  I am grateful for the innovations of technology that allowed us to worship safely for a year online, but there is something unique about being physically together in God’s house as we worship, learn and love each other.  The psalmist wrote,


I was glad when they said to me,

    “Let us go to the house of the Lord!”

                                Psalm 122: 1


I’m glad our congregation is being careful about Covid infections.  I’m glad we mask and social distance and take our socializing outside, so we can safely gather together.  I’m also glad we are live streaming so we can be “with” people from afar.  God draws us in joy to worship and love one another, and I am so very glad God does so!



Pr. Sally

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