Pastor Sally Devotional April 8

Dear friends,


I was in the church this afternoon preparing for this Sunday’s worship service when it started to rain.  It really rained!  The water poured out of the sky and covered the back windows of the sanctuary.  It was a pleasure to see it.  Gardener Stu Barb says we need rain right now and he’s right!


There is something lovely about a spring rain.  That’s what we had today.  It was a warm rain on a warm day – the kind of rain I used to enjoy walking in as a youth.  It was the kind of rain that washed the earth clean and refreshes the growing things.  It’s later in the day now, and everything outside is green and happy.


The rain felt to me like a gift of God today.  It was a reminder to me that God is washing the sin and sadness out of our lives and refreshing us for a new beginning.  This is what the Eastertide season is all about.  We retell the many stories of Jesus’ resurrection appearances and we live into the hope of new life.  The natural world reinforces this promise for us everywhere we look as the trees bud and the flowers bloom. 


God is not finished with us yet.  He washes us clean and fills us with the life giving waters of his love showered upon us by the presence of our risen Jesus.



Pr. Sally

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