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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 1/21

| January 21, 2021

Dear friends,

I went to the church today to film the Traditional service in the morning when the light is typically good coming through the north window.  I got everything set up for the filming and then wandered down the center aisle to pray as I often do before I begin filming.   When I reached the center of the sanctuary,  I turned to face the chance and was suddenly stunned by the beautiful light streaming in the east windows.  I had never seen the light from this angle, I suppose because I usually sit up front on a Sunday morning. 


The light was extraordinary as you can see from the picture.  I couldn’t actually see the colored glass from my location in the center of the sanctuary, but I could see the light streaming through the glass lighting up the walls with these shafts of color.  I actually walked back up front to the chancel see the window themselves, but somehow the light on the walls was more impressive.  I wend back to the center of the sanctuary and stood staring at the colored lights.


It occurred to me that this is how the light of God shines through us.  We don’t actually see the light of God shining in someone, but we see God’s light shining through that person and casting beautiful colors all around them.


I invite you to be glass today.  Let the light of God shine through you brightly and cast beautiful colors around you wherever you go.



Pr. Sally

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