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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 10/19

| October 20, 2020

Dear Friends,  One of our members suggested that I share the prayer I offered last Sunday in worship as a devotional this week.  So here is that prayer:


Gracious God, our good shepherd,

We come to you this morning as a needy flock.

                We are tired of pandemic.

                We are tired of numbers of new cases and testings and deaths.

                We are tired of feeling couped up, or unsafe.

                We are tired of changing instructions and mitigation measures.

                We are tired of masks and social distancing especially from our loved ones

                We are tired of the not knowing what happens next!


                We are weary of racial inequity

                We are weary of racial tensions and injustices that have plagued our land for centuries.

                We are weary of the tears and fears of those who have been harmed by our culture,

                                And our laws and our practices.


                We are exhausted from elections and politics and campaigns.

                We are exhausted from negative ads and scare tactics,

                We are exhausted by the news and yet we can hardly turn our eyes away.

                We are exhausted by division.

Have mercy on us and on your people in this land, we pray.


Lord Jesus, you said,

                “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

                So we come to you.

We come in our living rooms and studies, our kitchens and bedrooms.

We sit in the quiet of our homes,

                but we come so we may rest in your green pastures

                                We need to be fed.  We need to sit beside still waters.

                                We need to be brought back onto your paths of righteousness for your names sake.

                We need to be led through this present valley of the shadow

                And brought into you great banquet.

                We long for cups that over flow.

                We long to sense your goodness and mercy following us each day

                For surely it does, even when we are unaware.


Gracious Shepherd, nurture us in your grace and assured of your peace.

Save us from ourselves today.

                Save us for yourself that we might go with your disciples

                On mission to tell the good news of your compassion and your love

                                Which calls us to serve and to offer your kindness and patience and mercy to Others.


Move in our hearts today.

                Help us to breathe again.

                                Help us to breathe in your spirit. 

                                                Help us to breath in hope from your son our savior.  Amen.



Pr. Sally

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