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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 10/24

| October 24, 2020

Dear Friends,

Look at this enormous nut in the mouth of this squirrel!  I’ve been watching the squirrels over the past couple of weeks.  We have a nest midway up our maple tree behind our house.  The squirrels have been very busy digging their nuts into the grass in our back yard lately.  You would think Theo, our Bassett Hound, would scare them, but Theo is a gentle soul and they know it.  Theo just wants to be friends.

Mike and I are also preparing for winter.  We have abandoned the house painting and have started preparing to hunker down inside.  Leaves must be raked, gardens emptied, the garages rearrange, and summer items put away.  I am well aware as we get ready to be inside that we expect this winter to be unique… and not in a good way.  With Covid 19 surging in Midwest, we are preparing to be largely alone for the holidays and separated from family. 

This anticipated separation has required a little thinking through.  We have recently arranged with my granddaughter’s parents to do her bedtime reading on Sunday nights over zoom.  This will get us a weekly connection with Charlotte.  I have purchased fabric to make a baby quilt for my new grandson arriving in April.  Working on the quilt helps me to feel connected to my expectant son and his wife. We have also purchased a propane heater for our back porch, so we can continue to see our youngest and sons when they are in the area – visiting outside with masks, social distance and a propane heater!  Beyond that we are committed to monthly family zoom conversations.

I find it interesting that in the midst of this alone time my husband and I have spent more time with God.  Mike sits and prays for a long time each morning these days.  I prefer to read scripture.  There is a sort of natural turning to the one who holds our lives and guides us in this time of uncertainty.  As we prepare for this change of season in a variety of ways, it is good to remember God remains faithful.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.  Proverbs 3: 5-6


Pr. Sally

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