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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 11/3

| November 3, 2020

Dear friends,  here’s a prayer for today.  It was written by the people at Box Hill Baptist Church in Victoria, Australia, and posted on their Unboxed Worship website.  I hope it will give you words to speak to our God on this very important day.

Pr. Sally


Heavenly Father

source of all truth and wisdom,

who knows and loves the whole creation,

watch over our nation at election time:

that truth may prevail over distortion,

wisdom triumph over recklessness

and the concerns of every person be heard.


Lord Jesus,

who chose the way of the cross in the Garden of Gethsemane,

help us to turn our backs on self interest

and to support policies that sustain the poor, the vulnerable,

and the frightened people of this world.


Holy Spirit,

who brought understanding among myriad peoples and languages at Pentecost,

give to all your people a passion for peace

and inspire us to work for unity and co-operation throughout the world

and in our political life together.


Lord, we give thanks for the privileges and responsibilities

of living in a democratic society.

Give us wisdom to play our part at election time

that, through the exercise of each vote,

your Kingdom may come closer.


Protect us from the sins of despair and cynicism,

guard us against the idols of false utopias

and strengthen us to make politics a noble calling

that serves the common good of all.

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord.


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