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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 12/23

| December 23, 2020

Dear friends,

We are oh, so close to Christmas now.  Christmas Eve is tomorrow night.  As I ponder the coming Christmas celebrations this year I am again struck that God would choose to become like one of us.  The great Christmas Carol “Once in Royal David’s City” describes the incarnation this way in the third verse:

Jesus is our childhood pattern; day by day like us he grew;

He was little, weak and helpless; tears and smiles like us he knew;

And he feels for all our sadness, and he shares in all our gladness.


I know this verse is intended to touch the hearts of children, but it touches my heart.  How is it that God intentionally decided to become little, weak and helpless.  I suppose being human is the one thing “God” might not have known about – that it hurts to skin your knee, and it can be scary to be ill, and frustrating when your fingers don’t work right.  God became like one of us, knowing tears and smiles so he could empathize in our sadness and share in our gladness.  Of all the things we believe about the incarnation, this is the one thing I ponder over and over again.  God became one of us.  God became like us


As you make your final preparations for Christmas, I invite you to ponder the incarnation.  Think of God in a manger and be in awe.


Here’s a Youtube of the carol in case you want to listen:



Pr. Sally

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