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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 2/26

| February 26, 2021

Dear friends,

Here’s a prayer to ponder today.  I is offer by Walter Brueggemann in his book, “From Whom no Secrets are Hid.”

The priest say, “Almighty God… from whom no secrets are hid.”

We rush to the next phrase, but now linger there.

We are rich conundrums of secrets.

We weave a pattern of lies in order to be

                well thought of.

    We engage in subterfuge about our truth.

We carry old secrets too painful to utter.

                                         too shameful to acknowledge,

                                      too burdensome to bear,

    of failures we cannot undo,

    of alienations we regret but cannot fix,

    of grandiose exhibits we cannot curb.

And you know them.


Such an intense and honest prayer.  It comforts me, however, to think that God knows exactly who we are with all of the secrets we hide and yet, God loves us still.



Pr. Sally

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