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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 2/8

| February 8, 2021

Dear friends,


I got an email from my daughter in law’s sister, Meredith, yesterday.  Meredith is planning the virtual baby shower that is planned in mid-February for my new grandson!  One of the gifts Meredith want to give my son and daughter in law is the gift of music.  She is looking for songs to share with them and the new baby.   I think it’s a lovely idea.  Meredith said it doesn’t have to be just children’s music.  She is looking for music that is special to the giver and will be special to Stephen and his wife.


So that got me to thinking about all of the music I have shared with my son Stephen over the years – lullabies, baby love songs, church songs, silly songs, musicals and beautiful choral music.  Stephen and I share a love of good choral music, and he sang in my children’s choirs and then adult choirs for years.  So much music.  In the last 24 hours my brain has been buzzing with the music that has been important to us over the years.


One of the songs I know I will share with Meredith is an arrangement of the ancient hymn of the western church called Ubi Caritas.  The original text is attributed to Paulinus of Aquileia in 796.  Stephen sang the Maurice Duruflé setting of a portion of this text in High School with his Madrigal choir.  They took a first at state for their performance.  You can listen to The Cambridge Singers singing this beautiful music here:

Here is a translation of the Latin text:


Where charity and love are, God is there.

Christ’s love has gathered us into one.

Let us rejoice and be pleased in Him.

Let us fear, and let us love the living God.

And may we love each other

with a sincere heart. Amen.


I love the first line.  Where charity and love are, God is there.  This remembering of music shared has reminded me that God is in the middle of the love I have for all my sons.  Love is holy thing.  God is present wherever there is love.  May you think of the beloved in your lives as you listen to the music above and give thanks for the love that have been given you.



Pr. Sally

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