From the Pastor's Pen

Pastor Sally’s Devotional 3/13

| March 13, 2021

Dear Friends,

Here’s a prayer for Saturday.


Come to our houses, Lord Jesus…


To the tables where we eat,

And the places where we argue,

And the rooms where we sleep

Or lie awake,

Wondering if our life is worthwhile.


Come to our houses

To broaden our hospitality

And deepen our conversation

And keep our souls company.


And come to our houses of prayer,

To save our churches

From being so absorbed with what needs to be done,

That our plans have no place

For any hint of salvation

Or of all things being made new.


And come to this place

As week by week we meet you,

And show us the cross we must carry

So that we may be shaped by your love. 



(from Present on Earth by Wild Goose Publishing)


Have a blessed Saturday,

Pr. Sally

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