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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 3/8

| March 8, 2021

Dear friends,

The staff joined together for our monthly meeting this morning and Celia did devotions for the beginning of our meeting.  I was so taken with them, I asked if I could share her words with you.  So, thanks to Celia for our daily devotional today.

Earlier last week, I was looking out the door to the sidewalk entrance of the Choir Room where several inches of snow had gathered under the bushes.  The sun was shining as I stepped outside, standing quietly.  There were no police cars shrieking, fire engines clanging, or cars hurriedly on the street before me.

Out of nowhere came a squirrel racing in front of me, scattering the snow in all directions.  My silence was interrupted, and, as I turned to go back inside, I noticed some greenery beneath the now-disheveled snow.  The green were the daffodils, emerging confidently from their cold, wintery beds

As I brushed the snow away, I was delighted to find an assortment of new shoots reaching toward the sun!  How joyful was this moment on an otherwise predictable afternoon.  These small gifts remind us of God’s care of the Earth, and of us.

Prayer:  Dear God, defrost our frozen hearts so that we may feel your warmth and turn toward You in confidence, always facing the sun.  Amen.


Pastor Sally

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