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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 4/28

| April 28, 2020


I really like this picture of the boat.  I especially like the light on the water and the way you can almost hear the waves crashing onto the shore.  My husband took it off Santa Monica beach when we were visiting our son in California.  As I was looking at this photo this morning, I found myself thinking about a quote from James Mitchner’s book, Chesapeake.

“A ship, like a human being, moves best when it is slightly athwart the wind, when it has to keep its sails tight and attend its course. Ships, like men, do poorly when the wind is directly behind, pushing them sloppily on their way so that no care is required in steering or in the management of sails; the wind seems favorable, for it blows in the direction one is heading, but actually it is destructive because it induces a relaxation in tension and skill. What is needed is a wind slightly opposed to the ship, for then tension can be maintained, and juices can flow and ideas can germinate, for ships, like men, respond to challenge.”
James A. Michener, Chesapeake

I think there is a lot of truth to this quote.  I find I do my best work with just a little wind opposed the ship.  Too much and I get blown over, but when things are too easy, my brain gets a bit mushy.  Right now, I find there is just enough wind opposed the ship.  There is definitely some challenge to my days.  At times it may feel like it’s too much, but there is no question but what my creative juices are flowing so it’s probably just right.  I am learning lots of new things and having to figure out how to do old things in new ways.  Honestly, it’s very energizing!

I hope you are finding energy in learning and doing new things these days. 


Pr. Sally

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