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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 5/11

| May 11, 2020

Dear Friends,

I heard today that Lydia Michaels, one of our young adult members, had her baby this morning.  She had a sweet baby girl.  I don’t have the details yet, but her picture appeared on Facebook.  We have a new baby girl in the congregation!  Yay!

I am reminded of the wonderful stories about babies in the Bible and the hope they bring.  Baby Moses was a source of great hope to his family even though he was born to a people enslaved in the land of Egypt.  God would do great things through Baby Moses.

Hannah gave birth to a special baby in the history book of I Samuel.  She was so delighted by his birth that she dedicated her baby to the Lord and Samuel grew up to become a great priest for the Lord.

Isaiah spoke of the birth of a baby called, Emmanuel.  We don’t know exactly who gave birth to this child, but we do know that Isaiah called attention to his birth because his name, Emmanuel, was meant to be a word of encouragement for the King who was worried about foreign invaders.  The name Emmanuel means “God with us.”

Elizabeth in the Gospel of Luke gave birth to a baby when she was very old.  In fact when the angel told Elizabeth’s husband that a baby was coming their way, he didn’t believe it.  The angel struck him mute until Baby John was born.  John would grow up to prepare the way for the messiah, our Jesus. And of course, baby Jesus changed the entire world and certainly has changed all of our lives.

A baby changes everything and is such a sign of hope.  God is still giving new life among us even in these Coronavirus days.  Say a prayer of thanks for the gift of a new baby in our congregation.


Pr. Sally

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