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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 5/15

| May 15, 2020

Dear Friends, 

I took a walk with my husband last night after the rain.  The grass was that beautiful shade of spring green with all the blades standing at attention having been soaked through the day.  The sun was beginning to sink into the west and was casting a golden light on everything.  The birds were singing up a storm.  I assume they were happy from a break from the rain as we were.  It was magical.  There is something compelling about the natural world.  It never ceases to calm me. 

I found the most delightful sounds on my computer the other day.  I was looking for some nature sounds for a recording I was making and discovered a YouTube video that pictures a stream running under a bridge in the woods.  The video is beautiful, but it’s the sounds that I like.  You can hear the water running and the birds chirping and singing.  I put it on in my study the other day while I was working and forgot about it.  (The video is eight hours long.)  At the end of my work day I went looking for the open window to close and when I couldn’t find it, I remembered the video was still playing!  I’ll grant you that I prefer to hear the sounds of nature outside my window, but I live near Lexington avenue near the hospital and so the sounds of the birds are often mixed with ambulance sirens and motorcycles gunning their engines.  I commend this video to you, especially if you need to leave your windows shut!

I think our love of the creation is deep in the soul.  When God created the heavens and the earth, God paused at the end of each day, looked around, and said, “That’s good.”  God loved the natural world God was creating.  At the crown of creation, God created the human beings, two of them – a man and a woman.  God created the humans in God’s own image.  So it makes sense that there’s something in our make up that appreciates and finds a sense of peace in the natural world.  It’s one of the ways we are “like” God.

May God’s peace surround you in this day,

Pr. Sally

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