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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 5/29

| May 29, 2020

Dear Friends,

In my Celtic book of prayer, there are several bits about the “saints,” mostly from the early days of the church in England.  Here’s what it says today about Saint Kevin who lived from 498 – 618. 

Kevin lived as a hermit at Glendalough in Ireland. There disciples gathered round him and a monastery grew up. He is said to have lived to be 120. One much-loved story tells of a blackbird building its nest in his outstretched hands as he was praying. He kept perfectly still until the eggs hatched. Regardless of whether this story is true, it paints a beautiful word-picture of his spirituality. This concern for the natural world around and all its creatures is a hallmark of Celtic Christian thinking.

Part of what I like about the “sheltering at home” period we have been in, is the way my attention has been drawn to the natural world around my home.  The vegetation has taken on a new interest and I am finding pleasure in tending the gardens.  Likewise the critters in the yard and around the house have my attention.  We seem to have an abundance of squirrels and birds this spring, not to mention the mother robin nesting in the crook of our front porch.  I like that I am seeing God’s creation with new eyes.  I don’t know that my life is any “slower” while I am working from home; but I believe the small space in which I gaze at the world has helped me to see some of what was there all along, but remained hidden from eyes.

All Things bright and beautiful

All Creatures great and small,

All things wise and wonderful,

The Lord God made them all.


Blessed Friday to you,

Pr. Sally


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