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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 6/4

| June 4, 2020

Dear friends,

I had an interesting moment today when I was filming the communion segment for the Bridge service.  I wanted to be outside for the Bridge@Home service since the scripture for Sunday is about creation.  I set the chairs this way and that way to try to find a nice background for the video.  Not too much sunlight in the back.  Get rid of the neighbor’s eaves full of weeds.  I finally found a good location next to the still dormant hot tub which would provide a good place to set the bread and the wine challis for communion.

I was in the middle of the prayers for communion when I heard a familiar sound.  Theo, my forever hungry basset hound, had clearly just jumped through the doggy door to the garage and had joined me on the porch. Uh-oh.  I had, apparently left the door from the house to the garage open!  What to do?  I was most of the way through the communion prayers and didn’t want to start over.  Might he miss the bread setting up on the edge of the hot tub???  Not a chance.  He dashed to the spa, stretched his long body up, as only a basset hound can do, and made off with my good loaf of homemade communion bread!  Naughty dog!  Lucky for me, I had an extra loaf in the kitchen which is where I closed in my chow hound before the next round of filming!

Now I wish I could say I have a great spiritual point to share with you regarding my naughty food thief, but I don’t.  It was just a funny moment in my day as I am serving our church and thought it might make you smile.


Pr. Sally


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