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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 6/6

| June 6, 2020

Dear Friends, 

Today was a “work in the yard” kind of day.  We had a whole list of things to do today and managed to make it through two items on the list.  At the end of the day, however, I manage to find some time to tie up my peonies.  I inherited these enormous plants from the previous owner.  You can see them tied up in this picture, but before I started they were basically laying on the ground.

I planted peonies at my last home.  They are beautiful in the spring, but there is always a moment when they droop.  The beautiful flower heads are too heavy for the stem and they begin to fall over, particularly when they are planted against a fence as these are.  Then one heavy head leans on another and pretty soon they are all toppling over on one another.  None are left standing.  So I started at the back and tied a few close to the fence.  Then I tied a few more to the ones near the fence and then a few more until they were no longer push each other over.  It reminded me of when my kids were little.  One was always leading the others in some sort of play or activity – not always mom approved activities.  And there was also the pressure for the neighbor kids.  One of my sons would come home saying, David’s mom lets him play video games the whole day.  Why do I have to quite after only one hour? 

There is no question but what we influence each other.  Just like my peonies, we push each other in a given direction.  We see someone doing something and think, “I could do that.”  I think this is very dangerous right now as we all tire of taking precautions related to Covid 19. How tired we all are of this virus and its consequences!  I would love to wish this virus away, ditch my masks and gather close to friends, family and church family.  Then I remember how dangerous that would be for the people I love and for the whole community in general.  I sigh, put that mask on and back away the required 6 feet.

I hope you are staying abreast of the news in Elkhart these days.  I week ago Elkhart county was declared one of the top 10 growing hot spots for the virus.  Today we had 52 new cases.  Yesterday it was 91.  They day before we were in the high 60s.  You get the idea.  All totaled we had 295 new cases last week.  This means we are living in Elkhart at a time when the Coronavirus is more prevalent that at any time since this all started.  Additionally these new cases are mostly among people under 50.  That means the new cases are among people who are working in the factories, in the shops, and in the restaurants. 

I know there are lots of people out and about these days.  Many of them are not wearing masks or social distancing very well.  I am hoping you, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, are doing better.  Of course some of us have to be out to work.  We need to buy groceries and home stuff and just get a look at something besides our living rooms!  I just want to urge you to stay careful… for yourself, for those you regularly come in contact with, and for our community.  Wear your mask.  Go out at off hours and social distance.  Don’t let someone else’s foolishness cause you to throw caution to the wind. 

We will get through this, but it’s going to take time – maybe a long time.  We need to exercise patience.


Pr. Sally

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