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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 7/9

| July 9, 2020

Dear friends, 

I have been a Bassett lover for a long time.  I grew up with Bassetts – Heidi and Pepper.  Theo is now Mike’s and my third Basset Hound following Cinnamon and Mocha.  This is a picture of Mocha singing.  She loved to sing!

My youngest son, Terry, who plays the piano so well, taught her to sing.  Terry would sit at the piano playing a particularly sparkling piece of music and would howl along with it until Mocha would join him.  Eventually Terry had to only play a couple of notes, and Mocha would come running to “sing” along.  One day I came home after my piano tuner was just finishing up.  He was all excited because he’d discovered Mocha could “sing” on pitch.  Mocha actually did sing close to pitch as she got older and practiced more!  My tuner had made a recording of Mocha singing with the piano and had emailed it to all his musician friends who were having a hayday with it!

I’d love to say that Mocha was singing to the Lord, but I think she was just singing for the joy of being alive.  I guess that’s sort of similar.  I think there are times in our lives when we just have to sing or shout out for joy.  Usually when I do that, I sing a song to the Lord.  Jesus once said that if the children didn’t sing his praises, the stones on the ground would shout out.   Maybe the creation and it’s critters are more sensitive to the presence of God that we know.

Here’s a song about the critters singing praises to God.  It’s just fun!


Pr. Sally

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