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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 8/12

| August 12, 2020

Dear friends,

One of my favorite and my husband’s favorite blessings comes from the Celtic Daily Prayer book put out by the Northumbria Community in Northwest England.  We have used this blessing in worship off and on over the years.  I was quite touched that the gift the Sturgis Church gave Mike upon his leaving featured this blessing.  It is pictured above.  You will notice the Presbyterian Seal in the foreground, but behind is carved the words of this blessing:

May the Peace of Christ go with you

Wherever he may send you.

May he guide you through the wilderness,

Protect you through the storm.

May he bring you home rejoicing

at the wonders he has shown you.

May he bring you home rejoicing

once again into our doors.


I think of this blessing every time I am in our church.  I pray that God will bring us all safety home rejoicing once again into the doors at our church.



Pr. Sally

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