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Pastor Sally’s Devotional 9/15

| September 21, 2020

Dear Friends, 

One of our members sent me an article today about a the father of columnist Marshall King who writes for the South Bend Tribune.  His father died recently of Covid 19 which he likely contracted at church.  He concludes his article about his father’s passing by commenting, “I tried to protect my father as he aged, the way he had protected me as a boy. I thought others would help more. I thought our society as a whole would be willing to do that more.  I hope that maybe we find a way to learn that again, that we’d sacrifice to benefit others, even if it didn’t grow out of this national crisis in time to benefit my family.”

Jesus said the second most important commandment after loving God, is to “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  I hope you will read the article below and ask yourself today, ‘what are you giving of yourself or sacrificing in order to protect other people’s fathers and mothers and so love your neighbors as you love yourself?’


Pr. Sally

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