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Sally Devotional 11/16

| November 16, 2021

Dear friends,


I was remembering today the early days of my marriage.  Shortly after our wedding, Mike and I moved back to Princeton complete our final year of seminary as married students.  We piled up a small U haul van and drove across country with our book, a kitchen table, a few pots and pans, a single rocking chair, and our waterbed (those were the days!)  Our new neighbors poured out of their apartments to welcome us and carry in our few things.  Then one of them advised us there were a few used couches sitting on top of the trash dumpsters if we wanted one.  They were left over from the students who had moved out the previous week.  We found a couch that was suitable and I covered it with a bedspread I found at the dollar store.  Those were simpler days.  We studied and worked and learned to cook with beans.  We entertained ourselves with shared suppers with friends, walks, and euchre games.


I was looking around my house today as I was remembering and marveling at all that we have these days.  We have a warm and cozy home, two cars, real furniture, a fully stocked kitchen, a savings account, three sons and two grandchildren… and we still have lots of books!  I am blessed.  I feel grateful. 


I’m studying a passage in Deuteronomy this week in anticipation of the sermon on Thanksgiving Sunday next week.  It’s all about remembering the faithfulness of God.  I am tempted daily to get bogged down with the bad news in our world.  I won’t rehearse it here.  You know all about the bad news that clamors for our attention daily.  Today I am remembering the journey with my Lord and I am feeling blessed.



Pastor Sally

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