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Virtual Children’s Ministry – April 5

| April 4, 2020

Today is the beginning of Holy Week.  
We will continue posting the Holy Moly and Connect lessons after Easter.  
This week, the most helpful thing you can do with your children and teens to help them grow in faith, is to read the stories, of that week with them, share some of the reactions you remember having as a kid, and have fun doing the traditional Holy Week activities.  
This year, more than any year I can remember, there is plenty of time to dye eggs, make hot cross buns, plant seeds, and build memories.  
If your child has a full bible, help them find the stories in one of the gospels.  For kids, the stories in Mark 11-16 are fast paced and brief.  For kids who want more details in the story, try Matthew or Luke.  If you have young children, read whatever story/picture bible you have!
Since dying eggs and making hot cross buns are two of the most popular traditions, here are some links to the origins of these traditions.

Why we eat hot cross buns at Easter

Stay connected!  Share pictures of your family’s Holy Week traditions on our facebook page!

Families who want to use the Holy Moly videos from Holy Week with their children can find the videos along with corresponding family pages on our password protected page (required by publisher’s expanded licensing agreement.)  
Use password: virtualcm

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